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 Drum Tuition

Eric has taught one to one drums for the past 17 years, with great success. Eric has a teaching style which is very much, learn by example. He expects his students to work hard, but also to enjoy what they are doing. On a technical level, Eric takes everyone back to basics, taking them through the basic tempos, then adding fills, gradually building up the ability and confidence of the student so they can play competently around the kit.
Eric is renowned for his Hi Hat work and the density of  his snare sound: This will all be passed on to his students, as well as his expertise in all other aspects of drumming Eric is expert at building confidence and teaching his  students how to deepen their concentration, otherwise known as focus.  Focus is absolutely vital if you are serious about your playing.  Eric's rhythm work is exemplary and his musical knowledge is second to none, which plays an integral part in his teaching.  Eric has a great reputation for finding “the groove”.  
His playing ability lends itself  to many styles including:
rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz, country etc. Eric can take his students through any of these styles.  Eric is currently teaching students from the age of  ten to retirement age, to great avail.  If you want to be taught by an experienced professional.  Email him now!    You won't regret it!

Happy Drumming!

Harmonica Tuition
Besides having a wealth of drumming  talent and experience to his credit, Eric is a fine exponent of the harmonica, of which can be heard by clicking on the sample tracks on this website.  Eric has been successfully teaching harmonica in both blues and country blues styles for the past 17 years. He works closely with each student, taking them through a step by step process purely at their own learning pace.

Eric's harmonica playing technique is based on feeling the music from the heart, coupled with  having a great passion for the instrument.  Anyone wishing to embark on a most enjoyable and rewarding journey into the world of  harmonica studies shouldn't hesitate to contact Eric, by filling out the form on the appropriate page and by clicking on the harmonica tuition box

Bon Voyage!