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Eric Green  'The Groovemeister'
After seeing the film 'The Young Ones' at age 8, and being mesmerized by The Shadow's drummer Tony Meehan, Eric immediately decided 'that's what I
want to do!'
He persuaded his parents to buy him a snare drum and cymbal from his auntie's
catalogue. He had soon formed his first skiffle and R+B bands and was performing regularly at weddings, parties and local community centres.  At age 20 Eric acquired his first professional, standard kit (Hayman 'Big Sound') and secured a regular job as resident drummer in a local club.  He went on to play in numerous local bands which led to stints with P.J.Proby, Dave Berry, Marmalade,and The Walker Brothers.
In the mid-seventies Eric joined folk rockers Jack The Lad after which he filled the drum chair with the legendary Armageddon.